F8 Auto Liker Apk Latest Version v1.0 Free Download For Android

F8 Auto liker is one of the latest Apk on you Android mobile or tablet that give auto likes on your Facebook posted photos , videos or other pages. We are offering the new app for you to become popular on the Facebook account. F8 Auto Apk liker is the apk that give a bright look to your Facebook posted photos and videos. If your are one of the person that want unlimited Facebook likes and comments on your fb posted photos , videos and pages what ever you likes to become famous we are here to help you to become popular on fb with an interesting and new apk that is now 100% free on your mobiles and tablets.

We have more than 1000 friends on a fb when ever we updated our profile picture or post other picture or video on our FB account not all of our friends likes our posted photos or other things and we get only few likes about 100 to 150 that are not the satisfactory likes for the fb user and he or she become disappointed.

But now we have a solution f this problem which give unlimited auto likes on you Facebook post and make you a popular fb user with out any forcing to friends or with out giving any money . f8 auto liker the new and very interesting apk on your smartphones and tablets .this is the apk which is absolutely free. f8 auto liker is just a guide book to create your account and get auto likes and become popular among your friends.

F8 Auto Apk liker the new and interesting apk which is 100% free to download on your mobiles and tablets and is secure to use on your mobiles. After installing this apk into your smart phone the apk will get access to your Facebook account. The apk only access your face book profile information and get instant likes on your account. No personal information will go to the public.once you synchronizes you information to the f8 auto liker apk then select the status photos, and videos to get instant likes. If once your Facebook status get high likes and comments then people will recognize your profile and make your account valuable. If you like our offer then download f8 liker absolutely free on your mobile.

How To Install And Download F8 Liker Apk.Here are we share steps to install the f8 liker in to your mobile or tablet you should follow these steps for the installation of the f8 liker in to your smartphone.

1.first download the F8 APk liker form the given links .
2.Locate the apk to your file manager and launch to complete installation.
3.After launching the apk ,open on your mobile phone.
4. After that click the login button that will need approval from your face book account.
5.After processing your Facebook account you will be able to select your photo, status , videos and get unlimited likes.
6. You need to select the status , photos and videos and click the submit button.
7. Make your status to public before applying f8 auto Apk liker app.
8. F8 Auto Liker Apk also shows followers so that your friends will believe that the likes you are getting are from your followers.

Your F8 like has an update with a new version and available to free download right here below. just click the below link and download F8 free Apk liker. Click the download link of download with a safe and secure server.

Download F8 APK Liker

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