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7 Liker APK (Latest) Free Download For Android


Dear users today we share the latest liker app free download for all social users, who want to increase their comments and likes. 7 liker APK is recently released with new and unique features. this latest liker app gives you real likes and comments for profile pictures, status, and videos.

7 Liker increase Likes on your Facebook status in a simple way. This app gives you 250+ Likes on every Facebook post. The 7 Liker app provides Likes both from your own country and International Likes. Now you can select that from which country you need Likes.

This Liker application helps you have likes and comments for free. We offer you a very simple and good graphics with the dashboard. This is so easy and for free. This fabulous app will give you the tips ever to have liked.

Now download the latest version of 7 likerĀ app apk and install it on your device. One thing I highly want to mention here, before installing this liker application, check your profile setting, if your profile setting were not public, you would not be able to get an impression or like on your status. By changing your profile set to public, you can get more and more likes online. For changing the setting to your profile setting, click on security setting, click on timeline and tag, you will get a tab to change the setting of your posting.

Features OF 7 Liker:

  • Auto Likes for Facebook.
  • Geo Likes Liker.
  • Customize Likes.
  • No spam.
  • Instant Likes.
  • Much more.

Now with the help of this auto liker, you can choose a number of the Likes as You Want. You can choose between 20-200 Likes per submit for your photos, status and more.

Get instant 250 Likes per submit and UP-TO 15.000 Likes on your statuses, pictures, albums, and other posts for free. This app never spamming on your account. This 7 app is totally spamming free auto liker app for Facebook users.

So click the given link and free download 7 liker APK on your android mobile or tablet and get instant likes on your Facebook activities. Enjoy the app.

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August 30, 2019
October 10, 2019