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If you are living in an area where due to geographical restrictions some websites or some videos are unavailable, you can use Anonytun APK. This application will remove that restriction and will let you access content without any big hiccup. This application bypasses the government and other restrictions on certain websites or content and lets people watch the content without paying a single penny. The tool is very useful and gives unrestricted, unlimited, and free of cost access to content around the world.

We have given you the download link, just tap on the download button and store Anonytun APK on your mobile phone. The application works the same as proxies, and bypasses the geographical location of your device and set to an anonymous location.

The application is also useful for those who want to hide their real-time location and want to browse privately without showing their actual IP address.

Features of AnonyTun APK:

  • High-speed connections despite being a VPN.
  • Simple design and user-friendly interface.
  • SSL, HTTP or TCP connections.
  • Free and without registries.
  • Many servers are available.
  • No bandwidth limits.
  • Safe and secure to use.
  • Much more.

This simple to use application with a press of a button connect you to a virtual network and bypass all location barriers in your area. Once you bypass that location barrier or restriction, you are free to access any website without any problem. The content would be accessible to you the same as any other location.

When you are done with surfing or browsing that particular content, web or video, simply press the button and get back to the normal network. Remember, if you are using some application that does not allow location fluctuations, you might be banned using that application. Like those users who use Fiverr on their real location, by using Anonytun application and switching to their location to an anonymous, they might see a ban from using that application. The same goes for PayPal and other applications, if you are a user of those apps, try not to open those apps while Anonytun is being used.

So, download this application from the given download link and change your location virtually.

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March 7, 2020
March 7, 2020