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Facebook is the biggest medium that provides a chance to get the extra mile online, engage with new customers, and by providing them with up-to-the-mark services, create your product a brand. So, if you are a person who is using this medium perfectly. You would be one who is doing all well with this platform. Most of the guys think the use of the medium will be to spam and post bad links on all big groups. In this post, we would like to tell you the perfect use of the Social media platform Facebook to drive an immense amount of traffic to your business store, restaurant, or online business.

You are not required to pay any amount on Facebook, to drive traffic to your website. You just need to download Apental Calc APK. This application will help in getting auto Likes, auto comments, and auto shares on Facebook profiles, Business pages, or Fan pages.

Easily download this application from the description, install this on your mobile phone, and start getting genuine.

It traffic would not be wrong to say, this Apental calc APK is the biggest and most broadly used auto likes application.

Got thousands of positive ratings and more than this number have been using the app right now. You would be the one among those, install this, and have this to provide hundreds of auto likes, comments, and shares.

Features of Apental Calc:

  • Receive unlimited likes and comments on your posts.
  • Reactions for your Facebook posts.
  • Get your photos shared.
  • Work super fast.
  • Simple to use.
  • Totally free of charge.
  • Much more.

How to use Apental Calc APK?

The use of this application is pretty simple, just install the app and make some security changes in the mobile phone device. As the default setting would not allow this application to install.

Tap on the setting, tap on the security setting, and check the unknown sources button.

Moreover, one should change the Facebook profile setting as well. If the profile setting is personal and private, change it to public.

The follower setting should be public, anyone could follow you, comment on images or put impressions on your status.

Now, login Facebook account using Apental calc APK, and provide your Email id and password, do not hesitate to provide a password, this app is not going to steal your password or spam link on groups on your behalf.

Select one out of three, auto likes, auto comments, and auto shares.

For example, if you have selected auto Likes. Then it will ask you to give the status, image, or picture on which you want to get auto likes.

Browse the image, select the image from the already posted images, and also give the number and submit.

Within some minutes you will see, the desired amount of numbers has been added to your Facebook profile.

Do not be greedy, and do not try to use the app too often. Facebook will block your account in this case.

In half an hour, use Apental calc APK once to get a number of impressions on your Facebook profile.

These impressions which you are providing on Facebook are free, there are no service charges or other charges involves.

Is Safe to use?

The application does not store any information on your Facebook account. For your own peace of mind, we recommend you create another Facebook account and use that in this app. By doing this you can still get auto-likes on the post of your main account.


Tap the download button and get Apental calc APK from the given link. We already have given you a download link, tap it and have the setup file. If the link is not working, comment down in the section.

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March 25, 2023
March 25, 2023