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Dolphin Emulator APK is the best application to play Nintendo Gamecube and Wii games on your Android device. Download the Dolphin emulator to play games of these two video consoles on your phone.

Dolphin Emulator APK for Android has a list of game compatibility that is much more limited than the one available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In other words, many of your favorite games from Gamecube and Wii are not yet playable.

Despite the lack of full compatibility, Dolphin Eliminator allows you to configure practically any aspect of the program. You can enable the ‘dual-core’ option for devices that support it, and even connect a controller to the device and configure that too.


  • Dolphin includes the ability to start games regardless of region, record tool-assisted speedruns, and the use of cheat codes with Action Replay and Gecko.
  • Functions of the original GameCube controllers and Wii Remotes can be mapped to PC controllers.
  • The emulator allows for the use of real GameCube controllers through the use of a USB adapter and Wii Remotes through Bluetooth connection.
  • Controller expansions are also supported, including the Wii MotionPlus adapter, Wii Nunchuk, Classic controller, Guitar, Drums, and Turntable.

How to use Dolphin Emulator?

If you’ve played with MAME you should already know that these kinds of programs work by loading ROMS. Simply¬†add the directories to be scanned by means of the¬†Browse Folder function. Then load the game files and choose which one you want to play from the list. Now cross your fingers, if everything is OK and your device is powerful enough. You’ll soon have the video game on your screen.

Dolphin Emulator APK is a powerful emulator to play Gamecube and Wii video games on your Android. Download Dolphin APK latest version free for Android Smartphones. You can get it for free from the above-provided link.

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January 3, 2020
January 3, 2020