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There was a time when people used to love watching Tv and paying cable charges. Then the Era of Netflix came and luckily it gained so much success that every one of us now uses Netflix. Then after Netflix membership was set Overpries a new app called Amazone prime came with affordable charges. But now in this expensive era, Both Netflix and Amazon are out of reach of middle-class people. Lots of people were asking us to provide a worthy app with affordable charges. So we have brought you that app name Magenta TV. First of all, we need this app because people are addicted to screens. No one in your family including you can survive without entertainment. They say it is the addiction to Mobile, but actually, you have become used to online entertainment. We wait for exclusive shows, even kids do not sleep without watching their favorite cartoons. So stop spending money on high-priced entertainment apps like Netflix, Amazon, and IMBD and download Magenta TV now, This is my friendly suggestion to you. This app has so many latest series uploaded in high quality and the audio quality is also impressive.

What is Magenta TV?

Entertainment apps have become as important a part of our lives as food. Simply we can not survive without them. Magenta TV is also an online entertainment app that is available for very fewer charges. Loyal customers also get special discounts. Here you can watch FIFA Worldcup matches live in HD quality. We have also partnerships with other streaming apps like DD Sports, Netflix, Disney, DAZn, and prime video apps. We are also giving special packages to football lovers because this is the football Worldcup season which is being held in Qatar this year. If you could not buy match tickets don’t worry Magenta TV will make you believe that you are witnessing the Live match by sitting in the stadium. This app supports both Android and IOs devices. The design of the app is very decent and the quality of the videos is so impressive. If you buy the yearly plan you will get 3 months free discount. Not only this but all the Netflix series are also available. You can watch animations, sports anything you like. Here you will be allowed to watch more than 100 channels in HD quality. We also provide premium content to our viewers. If your favorite hobby is to download and watch everything you want.

Features of Magenta TV:

Streaming Partners: 

We have made available all Streaming Apps in one app including Netflix, RTL, Wow, Totori, and Das Erste. It will save up space in your phone and you will be able to enjoy all-in-one entertainment.

German Exclusive content: 

You will be able to watch all german exclusive series, Dramas, and movies and all of them will be in german dubbed.

Sports channels: 

You can watch all FIFA world cup matches here with Hd quality streaming.

High Picture quality: 

The quality of the content is very neat and in Ultra HD, your all payment will be worth it.

Family shows: 

You can connect your phone to the TV and play family shows and enjoy your evenings with your family.

Explore the App: 

On the exploring page, you will see there are varieties of content available for you, we have such a large collection that you will never get bored of it even after watching 24/7.

Adult Content available: 

Here we feature all types of Adult content and you can play it without any restrictions.

Special Discounts: 

If you download it now we are offering special discounts to all football lovers.

Other Features of Magenta TV:

  • Login required
  • Subscription required
  • Discounts for you
  • Free trial of 3 months
  • All in one app
  • Safe and secure app


We have already explained everything in the article but if you still have anything to ask you can use the comment box. Let us know how can we improve our services. Download Magenta TV APK from our page and also share it with your all contacts, friends, and everyone you know. This app will make you addicted to it and you will never think of downloading another TV app for entertainment purposes. Thank you for giving us chance to provide you with our services!

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November 25, 2022
November 25, 2022