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If you like to play PC games on your Android smartphone, but you have trouble finding the right emulator for your phone device? If yes, you are on the right platform. “My Boy” is one of the latest and 100 working Android emulators with millions of current downloads in the market. You can play a wide range of games on your Android device without having to pay a single pie. Of course, this is the most suitable emulator if you want to run and play a game Boy Color game with super-fast loading speed.

There are thousands of Android Emulators on the market that are winning the hearts of game lovers, but no one can beat the excellent features of My Boy APK. This emulator runs according to the hardware of your device, and in turn, improves your maximum speed. On the other hand, they also support multiple sensors. You can quickly tilt sensors, cables, rumble and many other things on it. The most powerful and widely liked feature of this application is the selection of the desired colors in your GB games.

If you think you can’t save the progress of your running games, you’re wrong. MyBoy APK gives you everything you need in the game, like pause, save, delete, update and more. In addition, this emulator has received hundreds of other powerful and unique features. So, if you want to download it to your Android smartphone now, don’t delay downloading it from the link provided. The link is also available above for your convenience.

Features of MY Boy APK:

My Boy is a terrific Android emulator that gives you hundreds of features for you to enjoy GB games on your phone. Here in this section, you will find a complete overview of its excellent features.

  • yIt will provide you with the fastest copy of GB games with the ARM assembly code. 
  • Get 60 fps on the low end and high-end Android smartphones with no frames cape. 
  • You can also connect cable emulation to your smartphone device. 
  • Game Boy Printer Emulation and Game Boy Camera are also available to users. 
  • You can bring your desired colors to the game with monochrome options. 
  • This will not drastically drain your battery life. 
  • The UPS / IPS ROM patching option is also included.

So, if you are willing to play GB games on your Android smartphones, then don’t be late in downloading My Boy APK file now from our page. Apart from this app, multiple other emulators are also present according to your device compatibility.

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February 15, 2020
February 15, 2020