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For a newbie like me, surviving vs pro players of MLBB (Mobile Legend Bang Bang) is a very tough ask. It requires something out of the box to knock them off and emerge as winners against these pro-players. As for as I reckon, one must give a chance to NIK Injector, the app which surely makes you able to give a tough competition to these pro-players of game.

Looking for a new ML injector 2021 which can enhance your game ranking then download and install this amazing android application free of cost from here. This app provides you different sorts of in-purchase premium items for free. It gives you different hacking and cheating features.

About NIK Injector:

It is the best Android application for Free fire lovers which is used for hacking different in-game assets for free. Usually, these resources are accessed only through winning games or by using some money. But this application enables you to hack these assets for free. This hacking application is actually built to hack the different in-game assets of MLBB (Mobile Legend Bang Bang).

NIK Injector will prove a gift for MLBB players as it gives many hacking and cheating features. This single application is actually a combination of different MLBB hacking tools. There is no need of downloading various hack tool applications on your android device. Just simply install NIK injector APK which is a super combo of all the hacking tools of MLBB.

Features of N.I.K Injector:

Out of several astonishing features of this app, the following is to count a few.

Unlock ML Skins:

The app new unlock all the skins let’s check it now.

  • Assasin – 45 Skins.
  • Fighter – 31 Skins.
  • Marksman – 25 Skins.
  • Mage – 30 Skins.
  • Tank – 18 Skins.
  • Support – 10 Skins.


  • Backup Emotes.
  • Layla Laugh.
  • Alucard.
  • Layala Love.
  • Our Song.
  • Yamete Kudasai.


  • Backup Recall.
  • Snowman.
  • Super Lance.
  • Seal Anvil.


  • Backup Drone view.
  • Drone view X2.
  • Drone view X3.
  • Drone view X4.

Game Cheat:

  • Damage Cheat.
  • Physical Damage 20%.
  • Rank Booster.
  • Anti Banned.
  • Hack Enemy Ping.
  • Enemy Noob.
  • No Third Party Account.


Added Background music in the lobby.

PRO Team:

Health Regenerated fastly for players of your team and they have a  boosted speed.

Auto-wins Track:

This feature enables you to overcome enemies with ease.

Health Booster:

Your teammate’s health will be boosted fastly after any sort of damage.

Improve Rank:

This feature improves your game ranking and will show you as a renowned player of the game.

Anti Banned:

This is the system that ensures that additional use of all features given above is safe and protects your game I.D from any sort of ban.


The developers of NIK Injector keep the users notified of updates in order to make the app adaptable to the game.

Simple User Interface:

Its interface is very simple and safe for the device.

How to use NIK Injector APK?

  • First of all download the app at the upper download button.
  • , Now install this application on your android phone and open it.
  • A new menu will be opened, which will display all the accessible hacks which can be used with the present version of the game.
  • If the features of this app are not shown to you then there is no need to panic. You just simply update the app to the latest version.
  • Once you have done it, click the hacking features of your desire to use it in the game and click the button “ Start MLBB”
  • The hacking features can also be changed during you are playing the game.
  • Make sure that you have cleared the cache once. You have finished the game.
  • Whenever you play ‘Mobile Legend Bang Bang’ repeat this same process to enjoy the exciting hack features of N.I.K Injector in the game.


MLBB users are in the millions and they are looking for various hacking and cheating tools that could enable them for longer survival in MLBB. NIK Injector APK is a perfect pick that comes to you with amazing features that enhance the user’s interest in the game. We highly recommend you to use this app. We guarantee you that you will just love this app.

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August 1, 2021
August 1, 2021