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If you are looking for an Android app to numb your mental and physical encumbrance, then you are right there. Oreo TV APK application offers myriad content to stream Live TV channels and much more freely.

With the advancement of technology, entertainment is a primary interest of individuals as humans are growing fast. Trendy entertainment sources are handy and efficient rather than sitting before TVs. Oreo TV APK is available for all Android users supporting myriad devices.

About Oreo TV:

Now, you can watch your favorite content on the recently introduced online application Oreo TV. Millions of users across the globe are using this app to watch their favorite TV Shows, Movies, Dramas, Sports events, Live TV Channels, and much more. Oreo TV APK users can also find the latest versions.

Every new IPL enforms a skyrocketing craze for cricket fans across the globe. IPL lovers can stream their best events in HD Streaming. Millions of spectators use Oreo TV to watch the IPL every year. They prefer to use it over ThopTV and other streaming apps.

Before downloading, users need to ensure that the app is Chinese or not. The application also notifies users to watch IPL online. The IPL 2021 season has just started. Use the application to live stream and watch your favorite stars.

Features of Oreo TV:

The application offers multiple compelling features and the latest version is available to download. Oreo TV APK confers the best quality content making your watch worthy.

Live TV Channels:

Using the Oreo TV application, users can watch multiple channels with high resolution on their smartphones. A diversity of TV channels such as movie channels, sports channels, animation channels, and many more are free to stream without spending even a penny. Oreo TV APK is the best IPTV application to watch the content of your consent.

Content Categorization:

Users can entertain their selves by using a categorization catalog to watch their favorite content. You can choose catalogs such as Movies, TV shows, Sports, and others to switch to preferred content. This categorization catalog of content is to justify bothersome findings of users.

Internal Video support:

The application offers internal video support with facilities like quality configuration in 2k, 4k, USD, full HD, and many more. Below the video player, these options are available. Internal tips are also provided on the left to pause, play, volume control, brightness, and forward video.

Favorite List:

Another good feature is to enlist your favorite content. You can add TV shows, sports, movies, etc to this list. Users can find those enlisted contents in one click in one place.

Free movies and TV shows:

Oreo TV APK offers a huge variety of content to enhance and meet the desirable diversity of users. You can watch advanced-quality TV shows, sports events, dramas, movies, anime, and much more without any membership fee. The application offers Ultra 4k HD high-quality content with the best sound system. Now, users can watch the latest movies and TV shows on the Oreo TV application.

Oreo TV APK for Android:

The app is underused by the private community and is also a third-party application. Thus, the app is not available on the Google Play store. You can download this app from the OREO TV page. The user just has to search for it on the Google search bar. Many links would be shown and click on the link to download the app on your Android phone.

No Registration:

Unlike many streaming services, users are not required to register their selves. You also not need to log in to any account. The user just needs to open the app and be ready to stream whatever wants.

Download Option:

Users can download their favorite videos to switch later. This feature is available in the paid subscription version. You can download your favorite content and watch it later offline. You can download all videos except live shows and sports events.


More than 99% of Android and iOS mobile devices are supported by the Oreo TV APK applications. This shows the compatibility level of the application. Now, users can stream whatever they want without any bugs or issues.

No Ads:

Ads can hinder and irritate users while watching their favorite content. Ore TV APK app prevents users from the cumbersome condition of ads.

User-Friendly Interface:

A user-friendly interface glorifies any application. Oreo TV APK endorses users to avoid bothering experience through a user-friendly interface. Users can single-handedly figure out features without any cumbrous handling.

Other Key Features:

  • Dark mode.
  • PIP mode for multitasking.
  • Live chat option.
  • No signup.
  • 6000+ TV Channels.

How to Download Oreo TV?

Now download the Oreo TV APK application from the provided one-page below link. Open the link, download, and install the app on your Android phone. Go to the menu and enjoy your favorite content. All versions are available to download.

How to install & use it?

  • Enable Unknown Sources on the phone’s Settings.
  • Now install it on your Android 4.2 or upgraded devices.
  • Open the link and start downloading.
  • Click on the install option and the process will be done in a few seconds.
  • After installation, go to the menu and watch your favorite content.


Can I watch real-time TV on OreoTV?

Yes. Users can have a real-time TV experience on Oreo TV APK.

Is this app legal?

IPTV app is outright legal to use. Oreo TV Groups have designed and built this application. So, you can use it without any suspicious or illegal activity.

Does this app support Android TV?

Users can use applications on Android TV. Because Oreo TV APK is a third-party application. You will only need to sideload it. Unknown Sources enabling will only be needed.

Why there is no Full-Screen Button is not available?

The full-screen feature is not offered because the default option equips best to the quality and source of streaming.

Is OreoTV safe?

The Oreo TV application is 100% safe to stream the content you crave for. The app is free from malware, virus, or any other suspicious activity. You can securely download and install the application on your Android device.


Unarguably, Oreo TV APK is an efficiently designed and built application to offer entertainment where watching movies, TV shows, dramas, sports events, infotainment, etc. is handy without any membership or signup. You can download and install applications on a diversity of mobile phone devices for unlimited fun. Download and install this app, and enjoy your favorite content.

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April 13, 2024
April 13, 2024