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Every day you get a unique injector app to modify the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It’s an indication that the game does have some loopholes by which mod app developers are getting advantages. However, don’t underestimate the MLBB security system. Officials never allow the usage of such cheating apps. Therefore, they keep on updating the game features, including its security. On the other hand, young developers make an excellent injector app. It is the PEYCRON Patcher that is capable of opening the locked stuff in the game.

The most important items are ML skins & effects, ML backgrounds, maps, drone view, ML rank booster, and many more. More importantly, this tool is equal to the New Box Skin Injector that also offers countless premium items free in it. Hence, you can turn the gameplay as you want by applying any of these apps. Honestly, they have cut out the need for financing to the Moonton to get specific helping material for the game. Not taking much of your time, let come to the features of PEYCRON Patcher quickly.

Available Items in PEYCRON Patcher:

All Skin

Almost all kinds of premium skins are enjoyable at free of cost. The number of heroes for all major roles is as follows.

  • Tank; 20+ heroes
  • Fighter; 32+ heroes
  • Assassin; 20+ heroes
  • Marksman; 17+ heroes
  • Mage; 29+ heroes
  • Support; 11+ heroes

Effect Battle

Provides you with all the accessories to beautify the MLBB gameplay with stunning material. It includes the following items.

  • Recall
  • Emote
  • Spawn
  • Elimination

Rank Booster

It also helps you to uplift your rank in the fight. So, use these features and become a winner of every match.

  • Auto Win 50%
  • Jungle Fast 30%
  • Damage Up 45%
  • Team Pro 75%
  • Enemy Lag 25%
  • Enemy Feeding 20%
  • Brutal Damage 30%
  • Hack Ping Enemy


Similarly, make your game more absorbing & engrossing by using these freebies. You can know their importance only when you use the app.

  • Analog
  • Background
  • Border
  • Map
  • Intro Loading
  • Backsound Lobby

Drone View

Lastly, an adjustable drone will let you see more & more things on the battlefield. It has different ranges such as 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X. So, use the one depending upon your need while fighting.

Additional Features of Peycron Patcher:

  • Free & latest tool.
  • Multiple kinds of ML items.
  • It shows ads but does not irritate you.
  • No password, no root.
  • Stable & workable.
  • Friendly UI and much more.


So if you want to take better control over the game, then Peycron Patcher APK is one of the best. You have read its features in detail, and nothing is unclear to you. So, if you are curious to experience the Peycron Patcher, get it simply using the download button. Moreover, there are many apps available like this app on our site. So, you can simply check these by tools category and give feedback.

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June 6, 2022
June 6, 2022