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Project IGI is one of the best video shooting games in the history of gaming. The game initially was developed and made to be played on PC. Now the popularity of Android gaming, the developers made it for Android smartphones too. Download this latest famous game on your Android phone for free of cost. The game will take little space on your phone device.

Now download the game for your phone and can get on to the next level of playing. At the beginning of the game, you will see a tutorial and need to make some basic actions. To be more comfortable with the keyboard and the mouse. This is the third installment of the game. The third installment of the series witnessed more fun, action, and amusement. You can have this military action-packed game in the palm of your hand and play for countless hours.

About Project IGI:

The action in the game, Project IGI is in the military area and you will have to complete different missions, and use arrays of tactics to accomplish the goals given in the game. Each level of the game got an assignment, which gradually increases in difficulty to the next upcoming levels. Now we assure you one thing regarding this, this will not make or feel you bored even for a second. But you need to have some patience in order to get success in each mission or level of the Project IGI game.

Features of Project IGI:

  • Project IGI is one of the best military action-based games, which is going to offer you an astonishing storyline and other features. 
  • The action combination is unbreakable, and all eyeballs go with the action sequences. 
  • The simple and easy-to-understand interface will allure you to play more. 
  • The multiplayer mode offers you a wide range to get your friends and family members to face you off. 
  • The environment looks real; the graphics are up to the mark, and the sound looks real. 
  • A wide range of armor, weapons, tools, and equipment to choose from. 
  • The controls of the game are awesome, the reactions are superb. 
  • You are going to have a good time playing Project IGI on your Android phone. 
  • Many more unique features. 

How to download and install Project IGI?

  • Download the Project IGI Game APK file from the below-provided download button.
  • When the file download is completed, click on the APK file and install it on your Android phone. 
  • Open the app and log in with a password androkarn.
  • Done, Now play the game where you want. 


In the game, you are set to fight against your enemy alone, and you will be getting into the bases of your enemies to destroy everything possible. The game is loaded with dozens of unlocked missions. And the player is ought to complete them to get the next thrilling mission of the game. A great range of weapons are being used in the game, and on the map, you can see the position of your enemies.

If you wish to release your stress, then click the given link and download the Project IGI game APK file to play the game. Just tap the download button and your download start within a second.

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March 31, 2023
March 31, 2023