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The Skin injectors are popular among players of Mobile Legends Bang Bang for cheats. The injector app can download skins and use them for the range of characters featured. And among all those on offer is the RDM87 Injector.

About RDM87 Injector:

RDM Injector is one of the top injectors to inject skins, customize the characters, and get other help in the game, such as the drone view, effects, emotes, and more. The RDM87 Injector APK for your Android phone and modify the game instantly & effortlessly.

Available cheats in RDM87 Injector:

All the cheats are present in four major groups. So, let explore them one by one.

Drone View:

2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x, 8x, 9x, & 10x are different ranges of drone cameras. Also, it offers you Tablet View, Backup Drone & Tablet options.

ML Skin:

The new version of RDM87 Injector is the best in costumes for ML characters. It has added two more categories containing many skins. Now, there are a lot of ML Skins available for these four groups.

  • All Skin MLBB.
  • All Skin Painted.
  • Upgrade Skin.
  • Skin Anime/Custom.

All Effect:

Similarly, Battle Effects are more than you wish. Overall, you have the following choices in this field.

42+ Recalls.
10+ Respawn.
12+ Elimination.
Notification is coming soon.

Battle Emote:

Besides all, the developer has separated this section from other ML elements. And he increased the number of emotes.

  • 40+ Battle Emotes are usable in the ML fights.
  • The delete Emote feature is also available.

Features of RDM87 Injector:

  • Working tool for all time.
  • Regular updates are refining with time.
  • Clear interface & free access makes it attractive.
  • Free of ads & passwords.
  • Blue & white UI is beautiful & catchy.
  • Easy to install & use.
  • No premium charges at all.
  • Stable & effectual tool for MLBB.
  • Anti-ban & anti-detect features.

How to Download & Use?

  • First, download this app and install it on your Smartphone.
  • Then open it by clicking the app icon.
  • Here, you have to set up a profile in the following order.
  • Select the image from your gallery. Then enter a name like APKLiker and set 4 digit pin.
  • After these three steps, it will ask you to enter the PIN to access its menu. So, insert it.
  • Finally, give it permissions to your SD card and then utilize its features.


If you want to play Mobile Legends Bang Bang game successfully, then get the item latest app first. Now, the choice is yours. If, agree with this method, then utilize the given link here. We have covered many tools, so you can also try Nix Injector.

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December 28, 2022
December 28, 2022