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Enjoy the pleasure of various movies and XStream online that will have you wanting more. Immerse yourself in the reality of entertainment by downloading the most recent movie app. An app that brings together movies from all genres, TV series, and originals from numerous OTT platforms under one roof. Two new packs have been released. One Mobile Pack, which includes cellular services and a single XStream channel subscription. The Premium Pack provides you with limitless pleasure in one convenient location.

What Is XStream?

The XStream app is a video streaming service like RTS TV, as previously said. A few years ago, the app’s name was modified. Users may watch live TV, movies, series, and premium content on the app, including originals from platforms like Play and others. On Android and iOS devices, you can use the app to view the material, or on Windows/macOS laptops and PCs, you can use the browser. While customers with specific prepaid/postpaid plans, DTH, and internet subscriptions may view, share, and download material for free, non-Airtel users must pay to watch, share, and download content. Here’s a short rundown of what the Premium Plan entails.

XStream Premium Plan:

Non-Airtel consumers may subscribe to the XStream Premium Plan for as little as per month, with an annual membership costing only. These options provide you access to almost all of the app’s content. Separately from the app, you may buy subscriptions to Divo for Kollywood material, ShortsTV for short films in English, Hindi, and regional languages, Mubi, and Epicon. Customers who purchase specific postpaid/prepaid recharge plans, DTH connections, or Xstream internet plans get free subscriptions to these programs.

Streaming In Full HD And 4K:

While waiting for any video material, video quality is crucial. The greater the video quality, the more entertaining it is. As a result, the app offers a variety of video quality settings that users may pick manually or leave to the app’s auto setting, which adjusts the video quality based on your internet connection. It allows users to broadcast in Full HD and even 4K. As a result, there is no need to compromise on quality; enjoy.

Supports A Variety Of Languages:

The app also includes material in over 13 languages, enabling users to view their favorite movies and series in their language. Furthermore, users will be able to view subtitles in several languages, which will allow them to see the material in other languages and have a better grasp of the language in which they are having difficulty. This is also how you may improve your command of other languages.

Enjoy Watching All Your Favourite Movies:

You may view all of your favorite movies from worldwide with this app. You may watch Disney, Pixel, Marvel, and other famous films in your local language. Romance, thrill, horror, humor, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, and many more genres are available in the app. You will also be able to witness some well-known documentaries.

Download Xstream APK:

If you don’t want to download a large file to your phone, there is a method to get all of Airtel’s material in a less-than-small file. A Web App, also known as Progressive Web App, is a file (PWA). You will be able to access all of Airtel’s content for free.


With the XStream APK, you can watch all of the newest movies and TV series for free and live television stations from all around the nation. You may view high-end films from major studios and catch up on live television. Airtel App Application Download the app Android online from here.

To get this Android app for free, pick the model of your mobile device, and our system will provide you with appropriate downloads. It’s simple to download to your phone or tablet. Choose the necessary app file and hit Download XStream APK for free.

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April 10, 2023
April 10, 2023